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Month: March 2013

The Stairly Bears (by Amanda Hyatt)

THE STAIRLY BEARS In every multi-storeyed home Across the globe, Beware! Under the stairs there surely lives A family of bears. ‘Cause bears live under the stairs, you know, Yes, under the stairs are bears, Behind the umbrella, beside the broom, They rummaged around and made some room, Yes, under the stairs are bears. And Aunty Fi, she laughs at me, And says ‘What nonsense! Bears, indeed!’ And Uncle Stu, he hasn’t a clue, But I don’t care, I know it’s true That under the stairs are bears. And...

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An Irish Coffee’s Plea for Help

It’s St Patrick’s Day. Please help me. I’m … well, I’m not too tall, but I’m dark and handsome, I wear a very fetching cream-coloured hat and, let’s face it, I’m really quite delectable. But I’m constantly abused. People treat me like a birthday cake – something to be played with and decorated. At other times I feel like a fairground attraction. I’m not! I’m quite wonderful just the way I am and I’m begging you to help inform the public that I don’t like being mucked around with. I give far more...

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New Forest Running Festival – 50 km race

10 March 2013 A 9 a.m. start gun for the New Forest Running Festival 50 km trail race ( meant a 4.30 a.m. start from Brighton but spirits were pretty high in the car. I was thrilled that my art of persuasion had resulted in Amanda Jackson joining me, intent on racing the half-marathon later in the day. It was the first time I’d ever had a friend with me on the way to an ultra start line – usually I’m just one among strangers....

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