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Month: September 2014

Aug/Sept Training and Shavings of Fe

Lessons from August   The ‘no excuses’ plan worked. A print-out of my training plan for August sat on my bedside table in the Dominican Republic. Midst swimming with sharks, cocktails, delicious food and wonderful family holiday mood, it did not go unnoticed. Neither did it interfere in any way – but it DID get done. The intervals and the long runs made their way onto the beach without hardship – just lots of sweat, a bit of hard work in an extraordinarily beautiful setting. The work paid off....

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High Peaks 40 Mile Challenge – 20 September 2014

SUPERVET LADIES – 3RD PLACE – x hours and x minutes!! Oh, all right, we all know how I wangled that one. Hyatt tortoise pace does NOT ‘win’ podium places unless … unless I’m merely beating everyone who didn’t enter PAHAHAHA Whatever! It’s there in writing. I’ll take it. I mean, when would I EVER get a placement otherwise? (Actually, I did beat one other lady haha) Who cares? I finished – eventually – but not without drama. The course was every bit as beautiful as I remembered – perhaps even...

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Isle of Wight 50km Challenge 23 August 2014

Last-minute run-up to this was slightly thought-provoking. Shouldn’t races be social events, a time to get together with like-minded friends and strangers and enjoy some healthy competition? Yet I found myself apologising to a group of lovely people who were setting off to do the 100km walk and were all meeting up in the pub for food and drinkies the night before. Apologising because I just wanted to relax into race mode. I’d really been looking forward to this one. I was worried that my IT band...

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A Runner’s Plea (when the demons come calling)

A Runner’s Plea (when the demons come calling) *** Please remember, don’t forget, That when this runner’s face is wet With tears, mid-race, of fear (or worse), The help I need is in this verse … ‘Poor ickle you, you’ve done your best, Go home and sleep, you just need rest,’ Or ‘Never mind, another day – I think you’re awesome anyway,’ Though heartfelt, lovely, sweet and kind, (my health and safety clear in mind), When DNF is in my head I beg you try these words instead … Try ‘Don’t...

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