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Month: July 2014


**WARNING** THIS KIND OF TRAINING CAN LEAD TO SERIOUS PRIDE AND INTERMITTENT MOMENTS OF FEELING TOTALLY AWESOME (Note as a personal trainer: Zero-to-Half in 4 weeks is NOT a recommended plan and comes under the umbrella ‘Know Your Own Body’ and ‘Do What I Say Not What I Do’) The 4 weeks (history): Week 1 – Sprint Tri 1 The swim (800m): Missed the first buoy, found the second, retched my way back to the beach. When the rescue kayak is practically hugging you all the way it’s a good sign that...

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I Tri-ed (Splash ‘n Dash Super Sprint)

So it’s not strictly my first tri because I delved briefly into this triathlon lark a few years ago – 3 sprint tris (1 pool swim and 2 in Dorney Lake). Finished them but nothing to write home about. I’m calling this my first because it’s the official first of my Ironman journey. (Oh – do I have to mention last week’s epic failure when I did the BTRS sprint tri but failed to get as far as unracking my bike because I retched so much on the last leg I just couldn’t face it?) Nope. I’m...

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