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Chinese proverb saves the day

Chinese proverb saves the day It’s an ancient proverb, I’m told – and I thought it should be recorded here because I’d never heard it before, I doubt I’ll ever hear it again and its effect was nothing short of astounding. Picture this: Sunday lunch, six of us sitting around the table talking Stephen Hawking. Ah yes, well, ‘some’ of us were talking Stephen Hawking. Chris has rediscovered his love of physics so conversation has stepped up a notch from unintelligible to completely unintelligible!!...

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The Morning After

Oopsies! It simply doesn’t bode well for the day when you find yourself yelling ‘STOP BEHAVING LIKE BLOODY CHILDREN’ – at the children! And it’s not even 9 a.m. So things can only get better, right? Good, then. Ashamedly, it reminds me of the time I yelled at poor Chris to stop whining and grow up! I think he was three years old at the time! What a bad parent I am. I often wonder how my children made it this far. They must be very resilient. Of course, in terms of today,...

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