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This is the tale, the most terrible tale, Of some salt and the sea and one Suzie McVale; Now Suzie was pretty and popular, too; A sweet little girl, always happy and who Loved to sing in the morning and dance before bed, Till her poor mother died and her father re-wed; Now, Stepmother Stephanie hated to cook, And refused to consult any recipe book, So Suzie survived on convenience food, Which paled her complexion and blackened her mood; Crisps in the morning and bacon for lunch, Fried eggs for...

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The Stairly Bears (by Amanda Hyatt)

THE STAIRLY BEARS In every multi-storeyed home Across the globe, Beware! Under the stairs there surely lives A family of bears. ‘Cause bears live under the stairs, you know, Yes, under the stairs are bears, Behind the umbrella, beside the broom, They rummaged around and made some room, Yes, under the stairs are bears. And Aunty Fi, she laughs at me, And says ‘What nonsense! Bears, indeed!’ And Uncle Stu, he hasn’t a clue, But I don’t care, I know it’s true That under the stairs are bears. And...

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Small stone 25-1-2012

Sounds of Grieg gently probe each nook and corner of the room, surprised occasionally by the intermittent percussive snoring of the Golden, stretched out and dreaming; ever-so-light rhythmic clunking noises emanate from upstairs, evidence of a boy’s piano practice, headphones on; no pings or crashes, thumps or yells, not even a voice … Home … in the middle of a deep sigh.

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