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Month: January 2011

Cash in the attic?

Well, I thought so. Maybe. Perhaps? But no! Still, can’t say it wasn’t fun. My 9-year-old has decided she wants to play the oboe. Having a piano, a clarinet, a guitar, a saxophone, a djembe, a recorder, a flute, a bassoon and a drum kit in the house wasn’t enough! No! She wants to learn the oboe! So ………… great excuse to dig out my dad’s old oboe and finally see if I can get something done about it. Shame I wasn’t in a position to make the trip...

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Death by parenting

When did we all become so damned precious? I mean, at what particular point did it all start to go so horribly wrong? Wrong in the sense that we are determined to kill our own children! You know what? For all that the third world countries DON’T have what we do, they are going to end up thriving in one way or another and we – supposedly the wealthier and more knowledgeable countries – will have killed off our offspring to the extent that we will obliterate ourselves. But we’ve...

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New 17-year-old

And what a scary thought that is! Forget about his own enthusiasm today, I’m still recovering from the shock. Wasn’t it only yesterday that I found him hanging upside down out of his electric swing – smiling away and quite obviously enjoying an alternative view of his world? Wasn’t it just last week that I stood in front of him and said ‘Ten seconds to warp core breach’ – and laughed delightedly when he then threw his hands up in the air and made rocket...

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