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Month: September 2015


This is the tale, the most terrible tale, Of some salt and the sea and one Suzie McVale; Now Suzie was pretty and popular, too; A sweet little girl, always happy and who Loved to sing in the morning and dance before bed, Till her poor mother died and her father re-wed; Now, Stepmother Stephanie hated to cook, And refused to consult any recipe book, So Suzie survived on convenience food, Which paled her complexion and blackened her mood; Crisps in the morning and bacon for lunch, Fried eggs for...

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Back to the trails: SBU35 (UKan Trail)

‘You’re running from Keswick to where?’ ‘Back to here.’ ‘Where?’ ‘Back to here.’ ‘Never heard of it!’ My introduction to St Bees was both challenging and entertaining! Thought I’d landed in an alternate universe for a mo – but then I landed in my gorgeous hotel, set out my race kit, tucked into a delicious pre-race dinner … and realised this was no alternate reality. Yikes! Here I was, preparing to embrace another start line. A result of my guest visits to Talk Ultra, I was invited to race the...

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