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Month: January 2012

Pilates? Puh-lease!

Working up to Week 1 and I’m getting nervous because I should be running 50 km per week, instead of which I’m spending a bloomin’ fortune on advice to help my knees agree to support me at something more than a quick march! Divorce mediation has NOTHING on the conversations between me and my damned knees at the moment!!! So the acupuncturist (absolutely amazing man and the most wonderful ‘energy’ about him – pure magic!) decided it would be really beneficial...

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The Commitment Task

The task has been set … Commit to your goals! Well, I can do that. I don’t think anybody can accuse me of lacking commitment. Looking back, I’ve committed to a lot of things in my life and followed them through to the end. I tend to forget about what I’ve done, though. I still struggle with making new commitments but at least now I can stand back with the full understanding of where this comes from. It only took 40 years to see it. Hmmmmm – is that because I didn’t...

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Took the ramp. Landed with a headache.

I thought the pre-season tasks to the 12-week programme would never start. Now I’m getting nervous that there aren’t enough of them. The start line is approaching and I seem to have slowed to a very slow crawl. In fact, I appear to be side-stepping, so not moving forwards at all. This is not a good place to be! The last time I posted I was heading at break-neck speed for a bloody great ramp! Well, I can tell you now that I failed to dodge it, had to bend knees, tuck in and schuss!...

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Small stone 25-1-2012

Sounds of Grieg gently probe each nook and corner of the room, surprised occasionally by the intermittent percussive snoring of the Golden, stretched out and dreaming; ever-so-light rhythmic clunking noises emanate from upstairs, evidence of a boy’s piano practice, headphones on; no pings or crashes, thumps or yells, not even a voice … Home … in the middle of a deep sigh.

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