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A laugh a day …

My laugh today comes from a post by a writer on one of my favourite sites: The Write Idea. The topic was about long and ridiculous words for phobias, etc. and his contribution was from Gary Larson. Seemingly, antidaeophobia (fictional) is the fear that somewhere, somehow, a duck is watching you. There’s simply nothing I can add to that without detracting from its silliness.

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Just a beautiful poem

Courtesy of Raymond Carver, here’s a poem that I would probably never have come across, save for being asked to read it at my brother’s wedding. I’m so glad I didn’t miss out. I hope you enjoy it, too. Cherish From the window I see her bend to the roses holding close to the bloom so as not to prick her fingers. With the other hand she clips, pauses and clips, more alone in the world than I had known. She won’t look up, not now. She’s alone with roses and with...

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Live theatre – Great!

Well, I thought it sounded good on the tiny blurb I happened to spy a few weeks ago, but I never expected the impact of The Pillowman. It was simply astonishing and I can’t believe I might have missed it. I don’t often go to the theatre – certainly not on my own, but if this is the standard of theatre at the Brighton Little Theatre, then I’m going to be going there a lot more often. Shocking, hard-hitting, it was wonderful that the director gave us this tale of child abuse and murder, brutality...

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