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DAY TWO of my journey second to nun…chuck

The summary of today’s efforts could be put into one word:  OUCH!!! A brief look at my goals for today’s journey into nunchuckdom … STRIKE 1 X 500 (Yes – upping the stakes a little) STRIKE 2 X 100 For the most part I was simply trying to draw on yesterday’s gleaned wisdom (which, as you can imagine, didn’t take too long …).  Let’s take today’s goals one by one: Think ‘wrist’!  Yes, I definitely tried to do that and when I managed to do it there were glimmers of occasional hope! It works! It really...

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DAY ONE of my journey second to nun…chuck

The plan:  Rise at dawn, two hours solid nunchuck training before breakfast, one hour training midday, two hours before bed. Don’t be ridiculous! That’s next week – when I’m doing aerials! Five or ten minutes a day should make some kind of difference, shouldn’t it? (Shouldn’t it?) – Considering I’m going from NO minutes a day? Well – ask me in seven days and I’ll answer that myself! But for complete no-hopers like myself, I think any kind of consistency must be good. Let’s begin. Simple! 250 basic...

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Introduction to my Nunchaku journey

Oh yes! Barmy as it may seem – and things could get even wackier, I warn you – I am determined to somehow get to grips with my new friend Nunchaku before said friend reduces me to the depths of utmost humiliation in front of a small but highly critical audience as I attempt to conquer the basic techniques required for my next karate grading. In preparation for said forthcoming event – and after a truly pathetic effort on my behalf to persuade this pair of uncommunicative and decidedly uncooperative...

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Rowers – every prison should have one!

Rowing machines – Yay! I’ve been introduced to them recently – by a friend. At least, I thought she was a friend, but then who can you trust these days, eh? Think about it! Do you torture your friends? Do you suggest they do unthinkable things? Do you encourage them to try killing themselves – albeit at the gym? Well, do you? You really need to rethink your idea of friendship. Rowing! Jeez! It’s not sport. How can it possibly be sport? It’s more like a kind of voluntary corporal...

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Oh, so cruel

This training lark. It’s just so unforgiving, isn’t it? No respite – not even for an oldie-going-mouldy like me. I mean, you’d think you’d get a little bit of compassion, wouldn’t you? But no! I take a couple of weeks off after finishing the third and final triathlon of my first season and, well, do you think I’m just a little bit behind? Have just a bit of catching up to do to get back to my fitness level of three weeks ago? Oh, no! All the way back to bloomin’...

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