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This time next week … IM Sweden!

This time next week I will be somewhere in the environs of Kalmar, Sweden – on my bike. Cycling. I will have swum 2.4 miles (3.8 km) and will be visualising getting off my bike sometime in the near future (as near as possible) to start a wee marathon jaunt. I think my last blog was slightly negative – but more than that, on re-reading I fear it was rather dismissive of the people who got me to this ‘here’ and and this ‘now’. I just want to rectify that. I would never have got to the start line...

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Seventeen days and counting … (Ironman Kalmar)

Oh my oh my. Yes, blogs have been missing – since Cairns! About as ‘missing’ as my training. Seventeen days to Ironman Kalmar/Sweden and am I ready? Erm …. well, not really. Then again, how ready will I ever be? Especially after feeling so ‘ready’ for Cairns and then not getting much past the swim. Hey ho. It’s a different journey and I’m still trying to file Cairns away and open a new chapter. I thought it’d be quite easy. I thought entering Sweden – 9 weeks away from Cairns – that I’d simply...

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**WARNING** THIS KIND OF TRAINING CAN LEAD TO SERIOUS PRIDE AND INTERMITTENT MOMENTS OF FEELING TOTALLY AWESOME (Note as a personal trainer: Zero-to-Half in 4 weeks is NOT a recommended plan and comes under the umbrella ‘Know Your Own Body’ and ‘Do What I Say Not What I Do’) The 4 weeks (history): Week 1 – Sprint Tri 1 The swim (800m): Missed the first buoy, found the second, retched my way back to the beach. When the rescue kayak is practically hugging you all the way it’s a good sign that...

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From Zero to Ironman – and so it begins

And it begins with an unmitigated disaster that was my first sprint tri with the friendliest most wonderful group of triathletes who, I am assured, will be there to see me through my journey from start to finish. I’m already confident that I have found the perfect motivational group – thank you BTRS That, however, is where my confidence starts and ends for now. Registration for Cairns Ironman was confirmed last week. After last night’s...

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