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This is the tale, the most terrible tale, Of some salt and the sea and one Suzie McVale; Now Suzie was pretty and popular, too; A sweet little girl, always happy and who Loved to sing in the morning and dance before bed, Till her poor mother died and her father re-wed; Now, Stepmother Stephanie hated to cook, And refused to consult any recipe book, So Suzie survived on convenience food, Which paled her complexion and blackened her mood; Crisps in the morning and bacon for lunch, Fried eggs for...

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Why obesity is rife!

Despair kicked in today as I was waiting in the bakery and a mother in child in front of me had the following conversation: Mother: I’ll get you a carrot cake Child: Aww no, I don’t want carrot cake. I want a doughnut. Mother: You can’t have a doughnut. I’m not going to buy you anything with sugar in! *sigh* Is it no wonder obesity rates have soared? Where do you start?? Note that this lady was actually very well dressed and spoke ‘right proper like’ (kidding)...

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