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And God made …

Church schooling might have a lot going for it, but don’t you just love it when it falls a bit short?  I caught a great conversation the other day between my Rebecca (8) and Sebastian (11). Rebecca, always curious, was contemplating the family tree. She’d just worked out that every mummy must have a mummy – so where did the very first mummy come from? A valid question, no doubt about it. Before I had time to answer, Sebastian popped his head up from behind his game cube and offered his wisdom.

‘Monkeys, Rebecca’, he said. ‘Before we were mums and dads, we were monkeys.’

I was actually quite impressed at his knowledge of evolution. Then he continued …

‘But not everybody believes we came from monkeys. Lots of people – and especially the people at your school – believe that God created the first man and woman and called them Romeo and Juliet!’

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