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Cash in the attic?

Well, I thought so. Maybe. Perhaps? But no! Still, can’t say it wasn’t fun.

My 9-year-old has decided she wants to play the oboe. Having a piano, a clarinet, a guitar, a saxophone, a djembe, a recorder, a flute, a bassoon and a drum kit in the house wasn’t enough! No! She wants to learn the oboe!

So ………… great excuse to dig out my dad’s old oboe and finally see if I can get something done about it. Shame I wasn’t in a position to make the trip to Oboe Heaven (i.e. Howarth’s in Worthing) myself, so sent Karim along instead.

Now – ‘old’ was quite a generous word to use there, when referring to my dad’s oboe. The case is barely still standing, but the oboe is intact – or so I thought.

Well – it was! Just. Karim laughed as he told me the expert ‘bent’ all the keys back into their correct places. I’ve had my dad’s oboe for about 20 years now and figured he maybe had it for about 40? Just guessing – but I’d thought it was probably around 80 years old. Ha! Circa 1870, I believe!!! Wahay!! Excellent, I thought. So, tell me, ‘what’s it worth, then?’

Unfortunately, bugger all. Ah well, ’twas worth a try – and how interesting to have such an old oboe. Most interesting of all, though, is that the keys and gadgets, I believe, have changed somewhat – and Dad’s oboe seems to have a ‘gadget’ that no longer exists but that the experts in Worthing were drooling over, they thought it was such a brilliant idea. Drawing pads were extracted from drawers and sketches were frantically taken of this ‘piece’ on my oboe. I suspect it might appear again on future oboes!!! Funny, eh?

Oh – to top it all, it’s not even playable any more. Did I say that already? Ha ha! The tone of oboes has changed somewhat since 1870 and it would now play sharp!

Still – I think I love this oboe even more now.

Rebecca? She’ll be getting a rental. Shame – but that’s life!

Howarths, oboe, Worthing

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