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DAY SIX of my journey second to nun…chuck!

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm! Well, before I go any further can I first please apologise to Caitriona for laughing at her nunchuck skills! I mean, really – me? Laughing at somebody else’s nunchucking??? BWAHAHAHAHA! OK! Absurd. I admit it. And besides, it was the first time she’d held them, let alone tried to swing them. Sadly, although it pains me to say …. My current skills after ALL this practising – are not much better than hers!

BUT …………… forever onwards, right?

So … today’s plan: Same old, same old PLUS – Finish the damn kata. Yep! All the way to the end – including the dreaded figure of eights.


  • It’s going to take a lot more than a week …………… Ho Bloody Hum!
  • My shoulders really ache!
  • Residents of Goring beach had definite looks of concern on their faces. Note to self: don’t do this in public!!!
  • The figure of eights are still bloody scary. Am thinking Tena Lady for grading day!
  • Grading day is getting further and further away LOL
  • Giving up is still not an option! We (my nunchucks and I) will not give up on each other!


(a)    Just try and get the kata together … preferably in the right order?

(b)   Reassess progress.

(c)    Glass of wine at the ready to boost self-esteem after fatal blow of reassessment! Lol

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