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DAY THREE of my journey second to nun…chuck

How many nuns would a nunchuck chuck if a nunchuck could chuck nuns?

It’s Day Three! The goal?  Strike 1 x 500 and Strike 2 x 100.  Yesterday I discovered a new meaning to the term ‘Three strikes and you’re out!’ as I attempted to go for KO to round off my nunchuck ‘spinning’ technique. Result? I’m leaving Strike 3 for another day.

It’s a short summary today because – you’re not going to believe this – things actually went quite smoothly. Circumstances forced me to find a spot indoors to practice so the kitchen table had to be moved and the kids (three of them) all wisely treated to play Pictionary on the other side of the table at, hopefully, a safe distance.

After a couple of very tentative strikes and catches to begin with, I stopped, re-grouped and started again. My bruised elbow is still massively painful, causing much amusement in the kitchen as my ultra-sympathetic kids roled around with laughter because I was blinking every time I swung the bloomin’ nunchucks. This was not a way to approach a session, so I decided I’d employ a dose of Cesar Millan … a few deep breaths, change the energy, be calm and in control (leader of the pack!) … and begin!

Yep! Like I said – much more smoothly. Yesterday the score was definitely 1-0 to the Nunchucks. Today I think it was approximating 1-1. That’ll do for now.


  • My lightbulb moment of the day?  Hard to explain, but I discovered the strikes of my Strike 1 routine seemed to work better if I didn’t move my holding hand down so much in preparation for the strike from under the arm. If I bring it straight out it felt more controlled. Not sure if I’m making myself clear here but it’s something I’m going to try and figure out tomorrow again.


(a)    Explore the lightbulb moment as above!

(b)   (with caution) …… try spinning and catching (Strike 3)

(c)    And finally, I am going to attempt to string together the first few movements of the nunchuck kata … I hope I remember it correctly since the goal will be to do this 30 times!

(d)   Remember to celebrate a day without injury and pray for another!

p.s. I came across a confusing description of some nunchucks that – and I quote – ‘made solely for sporting’! These ‘sporting’ nunchucks are called ‘bleeders’ or ‘sharpers’. Bleeders, it seems, are made with sharp or dull razorblades; sharpers, on the other hand, are made with nails! I have to admit that the descriptions simply don’t fit my idea of sport. I’m obviously far too soft!

(pssssstttt! But I’m getting better with my nunchucks! Watch out, Thugs! Step away from my zimmer frame!)

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