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Took the ramp. Landed with a headache.

I thought the pre-season tasks to the 12-week programme would never start. Now I’m getting nervous that there aren’t enough of them. The start line is approaching and I seem to have slowed to a very slow crawl. In fact, I appear to be side-stepping, so not moving forwards at all. This is not a good place to be!

The last time I posted I was heading at break-neck speed for a bloody great ramp! Well, I can tell you now that I failed to dodge it, had to bend knees, tuck in and schuss! It was too late to realise I’d forgotten my helmet. Fortunately, I didn’t break my neck upon landing, in spite of the speed. I did, however, end up with a whopping great headache … which has been with me for two days now!

But if I’m not on my feet, I have at least got as far as hands and knees and yes, I’m not going to spend any more time whining (well, not much, anyway – what’s life without a whine, eh?). Actually, the only thing I’m whining about is my inability to running and the thought that my 2012 goals are still very much hanging in the balance. I’ve stuck to my guns and my promise to not run for two weeks. Nearing the end of Week 1 and going stir crazy. I’ve been attempting to do my weekly distance on the indoor rower … had       15 km planned yesterday but I can honestly say that I was simply losing the will to live after 10 and I stopped.  I didn’t leave the gym, though. Did a couple of sets of lunges, single leg squats and calf raises, followed by a 3-minute plank (just to prove to myself that I could still do it!). My head was pounding for the rest of the day BUT I sucked it up and went kickboxing anyway!!

Today, well, I’m not exactly bouncing with energy so I’ll keep this short before I start moaning again. Head still banging but I’ve hoovered, tidied the living room, emptied out and sorted two big drawers and done the filing. Now I’m going to plan my food till the end of Jan.

This week’s pre-season has been about setting those goals and gearing up. My goals may have to be moved but I’m slowly getting my head around the fact that this would not be the end of the world. I may not make the marathon but I could still ‘walk’ the ultra? That’s not what I initially had in mind and feels like wimping out but a little common sense just might help my knees …  As for the gearing up, I noticed yesterday that my not-too-old trainers already have a couple of little holes in the top (hazard of running through deep water in them) so I just might have to buy some new ones!! Now, there’s a thought that I can cope with?? lol

I’m going to end on the positives. My headache will not last forever (Note to self: serves you right for not avoiding that ski-jump (made of carbs and sugar)). My knees WILL recover and all the rowing and leg work I do this coming week is only going to ensure my speedy return to running. I am going to smash it at kickboxing tomorrow.

Business WILL pick up (puzzle for the week: to apply or not to apply for the PT job advertised at my local gym???)

Oh – and I was shortlisted for a prize in a national writing magazine with my poem on the set theme of ‘daydreaming’. Life is good, so shut up and get on with it!



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