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Ups and Downs of Week 1

First week in January and big challenges ahead, but it’s important to keep things ‘real’ – so I’m not leaping into a running plan that requires 50 miles/week … right now, my knees are shuddering at the very thought! No, this is going to require a lot of thought and planning in order to compromise between very weak knees, respectable ‘time-on-feet’ and carefully assessment of what to take seriously and what to ignore! So my plan for January is just to get those kilometres up to 50+/week. That might seem pathetic to any ultra-runner but for me it’s HUGE! However … nothing like a challenge and I’ve planned the runs in a reasonable fashion with the help of a few experts.

The week started well. I sooooooooooo love running. It’s wonderful to be out – even if I did have to tackle 65 mph winds on Tuesday (no kidding!!). Good job it was only a 5k. ‘Interesting’ is one way to describe it. ‘Lonely’ might be another? Not in a bad way – just in terms of the number of runners joining me on the seafront (that’d be none!!). Wednesday was the biggie – 15k. Bearing in mind that that’s the longest run I’ve done in months I had no idea how this was going to go, but with a strict run/walk plan I had a wonderful run from Shoreham out to the lovely Goring and back. I was so thrilled that I finished! Yes, hammies were complaining a bit but not too much. I was more pleased about the fact that my knees weren’t bringing me to a standstill.

Thursday – Rest Day! Supposedly! Unfortunately, I did have a 5k session advertised for clients. Two pulled out at the last minute but one lovely lady turned up raring to go. It was a broken 5k, so lots of stopping and starting and plenty of running-specific exercises … but due to the nature of the session I of course had to do all the exercises and running, too – leaving me without a rest day and I paid for it! ITB on my ‘good leg’ *cue screaming* started to scream and throw a tantrum. Friday morning I couldn’t get down the stairs without the help of the wall and the banister! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Beaten at the first hurdle? Not even ONE WEEK?

Who are ¬†you kidding? No, No and No again! Saturday was another rest day … kind of! Kickboxing! Mmmmmm – yeah, well, it was a rest from running, right? And today …. I needed to find 10k somewhere to complete my first week and bring my tally to 50 km. Hey ho! Managed it. Up early and got my 10k done before clients arrived for Sunday circuit training. Fab! Am I chuffed or am I chuffed! Knees not marvellous but by no means anything to stop me. My foam roller is being worked overtime, however!

Oh … forgot to say that at Kilometre No. 8 I did a little time trial – just for the hell of it. I was pretty pleased with myself – until I bumped into some ‘real’ runners later on …. who slipped in the fact that their natural running pace while doing their regular 17km runs is a whole lot faster than my trial! BWAHAHAHAHA!!! You just gotta laugh!

So ….. Week 2, bring it on! What have you got in store for me this week? Just be kind to my knees, pretty please??? Ta muchly.

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