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Pre-Season Kitchen Clear-Out Task

OUCH!!! I just received a very hard *smack* from Mish and I never even saw it coming, although I should’ve guessed, – my fault for watching the task ‘video’ too late. See, I saw the ‘makeover’ headline and guessed more or less what it was about and I’ve put it off for a few days … The last two days have been BA-A-A-A-A-D, to say the least, so it didn’t surprise me too much when I went to clear a few things out of my fridge and realised my aim for the dustbin was severely off … they kept landing in my mouth!! It was the sight of the cream egg wrapper on the counter that finally finished me off. I knew then that things were re-a-a-a-a-a-l-l-y bad! Time for a change of mindset!!

Came up to the living room and watched the video. It all makes perfect sense, of course. I mean, if the cream egg hadn’t been in the fridge I can honestly say that I would NOT have donned hat, coat and gloves and trundled off to the shop to get one! What I CAN say, though, is that there is still chocolate in the fridge. Chocolate for the kids. Will I eat it? No! ‘And how do you know that?’ you ask. Well, because I’ve have now moved on from this lousy start to February. Enough is enough. I am taking control of the ‘bad’ and moving forwards again – and once I have my head around something, there’s no stopping me (my friends can all vouch for that .. When Amanda gets in the zone, nothing gets in the way)!

I’m happy about that. I can feel the tide turning. I leapt off that ramp, had a reasonably soft landing (see blog of a few days ago), got up and proceeded to slip on a large pile of poo and land in it face downwards! I am now up, bathed, shaved (erm …?), dressed, shoulders back, head held high and I do believe I can see the start line over there!!

I’ve been back to the fridge! The kids’ treats are in a tupperware on the bottom shelf. The kids’ Coco Pops are still in the cupboard. See, I don’t eat that kind of stuff so it’s not a problem for me. If I was dying, you’d be hard pushed to get me to eat chocolate cereal – Eugh!! Should I give it to the kids? Well, that’s a whole other blog post, but I can’t see why not … because they will also eat porridge another day, a fruit smoothie another, an omelette for breakie the next … so why shouldn’t they eat kids’ cereal occasionally, too? Moderation! That’s my rule for the kids. And yes, they have chocolate on Friday and Saturday evenings!! They also have biscuits for snack – with a piece of fruit. One of my proudest moments was my brother laughing in total ‘awe’ one evening because all four of my kids were ‘fighting’ over the tomatoes and cucumber!! So I rest my case! Coco Pops can stay!

As for ‘my’ fridge? Well …. now I am going to allow myself to freely gloat. Or perhaps this is just testament to what Mish says … weight loss is 90% nutrition! I don’t have much weight to lose and, in fact, I am already in a healthy weight range and my weight loss goal is choice, not necessity … and PROBABLY because I can happily say that every single item on the ‘should-be-in-your-cupboard’ list is ALREADY THERE! The Pantry Essentials list is complete – without me even having to go to the shop. Yes! I’m chuffed with that! Because I lost 3 stone (approx 18 kilos?) a couple of years ago and … I guess this is how! My pantry is full of good stuff!

Signing off now … almost time to go kickboxing and get beaten up some more (but with gloves on lol).

My cheek is still stinging from the punishment for eating that cream egg. That’s it! It won’t happen again, I promise!

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