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There are no problems, only challenges

Ooooo it’s getting close to kick-off and I’ve had a much better week than last week. The challenges (did I tell you that I am NOT doing ‘problems’ this year??) are being tackled and I’ve managed to turn my mindset around and it’s going well.

Challenge No. 1 … No running?  Well, after going nuts not being able to run for supposedly two weeks, I ‘almost’ made it to the end, but the pull was just a little too much but I’m ultra proud of myself for not leaping onto a treadmill and attempting a 5k. Nope! I’ve been soooo good. On Thursday, I did a very gentle 20 minutes of Run 1 min/Walk 1.  On Friday I did 5 x Run 1/Walk 1 followed by 5 x Run 1/Walk 30 secs. Sunday I went for 15 x Run 1/Walk 1 … and yesterday (Monday) I did 10 x Run 2/Walk 2.   Knee report? Fair to middling! No swelling in left knee. Right knee is constantly niggling (which doesn’t bode well for marathons and ultras – Argh!) – but it’s not any worse at the end, so I’m going to continue with the run-specific resistance training and building up my runs now. We’ll see.

Challenge No. 2 … How to burn 500 cals?  Up to now I’ve been working out and simply checking out my calorie burn afterwards. With 12wbt looming very large now, though, I decided to do a more calorie-specific workout yesterday, so rather than thinking that I’d just have to work harder or longer to get to those 500, I wanted to see what I could do most efficiently to hit the 500 without ‘dreading’ it. Psychologically, that’s going to work much better for me. Well, Whoop! Whoop! I was actually really pleased (and relieved) with the result. Steady 30 mins on the x-trainer + 25 mins spin and a gentle jog brought me to just over 500+. Now I have a plan – Yay! I can increase the pace on the x-trainer, throw in a 2k row or a few 500m sprints, step up some intervals on the treadmill and I now KNOW that I can get those 500 done in less than an hour. For me, that’s a vitally important piece of information, so I’m happy.

Challenge No 3: … How to survive Pilates class …………….. The jury’s still out *yawn* lol

Challenge No 4: … Interview today at 1 p.m. ……………..  (the editor refuses to comment)

Mantra for the Day: I’m good at what I do, I’m good at what I do, I’m good at what I do …

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