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I Tri-ed (Splash ‘n Dash Super Sprint)

So it’s not strictly my first tri because I delved briefly into this triathlon lark a few years ago – 3 sprint tris (1 pool swim and 2 in Dorney Lake). Finished them but nothing to write home about.

I’m calling this my first because it’s the official first of my Ironman journey. (Oh – do I have to mention last week’s epic failure when I did the BTRS sprint tri but failed to get as far as unracking my bike because I retched so much on the last leg I just couldn’t face it?) Nope. I’m not mentioning that.

So … first tri – super-sprint Splash ‘n Dash in Horsham. Like I said, it’s going to be a lo-o-o-o-o-ng journey – but I went with a few goals and came away having ticked off each of them.

Goal 1: Pool swim 300m – no stopping! Tick

A bit scary that I was so out of breath by the time I finished but I know this fitness will pick up quickly. I’ve been out of action for almost a month – not without consequences, apparently.

Goal 2: Bike: Get on it. Tick Work out gears Tick Uncleat without killing anyone Tick

Interestingly, this almost didn’t happen. I unracked my bike, got to the mounting point and my rear wheel stopped spinning!! This did not bode well. With the help of a spectator, who was not allowed to touch my bike, I was encouraged to disengage the rear wheel and put it back again. Nope. Didn’t really work but the wheel at least turned (a bit). The bike was a bit precarious as I had no idea what might happen with that wheel rubbing constantly (turned out it was all to do with a spring that was the wrong way around).

Lap one was a mixture of worrying about that rear wheel and working out how to use my gears. The course was lightly undulating but enough to help me get the message that when there’s a hill ahead one should make sure there’s always a gear to change down to!!! Yes, I knew that in my head – but have not quite got to grips with the brackets. By Lap 2 I had gears to spare on the hills. Mission accomplished.

Goal 3: Run the 3.2k without walking Tick

Yes – might sound ridiculous but actually I’m coming off injury and so far have only run for ten minutes so this was a bit of a risk. And fitness-wise was a struggle, too. Boy, my legs did NOT like this. Slow slow slow but made it and very pleased.

Results were crazily slow but I’m not bothered. That’s the great thing about the ‘first time’ – no other time to beat 

Building starts here.


300m pool swim

18k bike

3.2k run

Splash 'n Dash, super-sprint

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