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Aug/Sept Training and Shavings of Fe

Lessons from August   The ‘no excuses’ plan worked. A print-out of my training plan for August sat on my bedside table in the Dominican Republic. Midst swimming with sharks, cocktails, delicious food and wonderful family holiday mood, it did not go unnoticed. Neither did it interfere in any way – but it DID get done. The intervals and the long runs made their way onto the beach without hardship – just lots of sweat, a bit of hard work in an extraordinarily beautiful setting. The work paid off....

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**WARNING** THIS KIND OF TRAINING CAN LEAD TO SERIOUS PRIDE AND INTERMITTENT MOMENTS OF FEELING TOTALLY AWESOME (Note as a personal trainer: Zero-to-Half in 4 weeks is NOT a recommended plan and comes under the umbrella ‘Know Your Own Body’ and ‘Do What I Say Not What I Do’) The 4 weeks (history): Week 1 – Sprint Tri 1 The swim (800m): Missed the first buoy, found the second, retched my way back to the beach. When the rescue kayak is practically hugging you all the way it’s a good sign that...

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I Tri-ed (Splash ‘n Dash Super Sprint)

So it’s not strictly my first tri because I delved briefly into this triathlon lark a few years ago – 3 sprint tris (1 pool swim and 2 in Dorney Lake). Finished them but nothing to write home about. I’m calling this my first because it’s the official first of my Ironman journey. (Oh – do I have to mention last week’s epic failure when I did the BTRS sprint tri but failed to get as far as unracking my bike because I retched so much on the last leg I just couldn’t face it?) Nope. I’m...

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From Zero to Ironman – and so it begins

And it begins with an unmitigated disaster that was my first sprint tri with the friendliest most wonderful group of triathletes who, I am assured, will be there to see me through my journey from start to finish. I’m already confident that I have found the perfect motivational group – thank you BTRS That, however, is where my confidence starts and ends for now. Registration for Cairns Ironman was confirmed last week. After last night’s...

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To cleat or, in my case, not to UNcleat

All new shiny bike is staring at me from the hallway. This is it! The last of my Ironman excuses unfortunately disappeared with the arrival of that all-important Ironman accessory – the bike! It’s very pretty  And all clean and gorgeous. I’ve been for a proper professional bike fit, too – and tried my best to look like I knew what I was doing but I don’t think he was fooled haha I think it was the two-minutes of failed effort before I managed to engage the cleats that gave me away!! Never mind....

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