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Bench Blast and a Little Magic

Bench Blast: Brighton Beach. I’ve just finished a session with a client further up the beach, but hey, since I’m here, why not do a mini-session to consolidate my glute-blasting session of the other day. I haven’t got a plan. My legs are still feeling the effects of Wednesday’s workouts combined with yesterday morning’s swim session followed by kickboxing (so much for taking a day off lol). I’m keeping to a gentle Walk 60 secs/Jog 60 secs with no intention of...

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26 reasons not to run a marathon

26 reasons not to run a marathon Why not 26.2 reasons, you ask? Well, because there are at least .2 reasons why you should! That’s why. One is because it’s a pretty amazing challenge to overcome – and the second is because when you cross that finish line, for one second you are completely invincible! So – the 26 reasons not to run? I’ll leave those up to you. You already know what they are. That’s not to say that the journey to invincibility is not challenging. What a joke! But it is also, I think,...

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Live theatre – Great!

Well, I thought it sounded good on the tiny blurb I happened to spy a few weeks ago, but I never expected the impact of The Pillowman. It was simply astonishing and I can’t believe I might have missed it. I don’t often go to the theatre – certainly not on my own, but if this is the standard of theatre at the Brighton Little Theatre, then I’m going to be going there a lot more often. Shocking, hard-hitting, it was wonderful that the director gave us this tale of child abuse and murder, brutality...

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