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Bench Blast and a Little Magic

Bench Blast:

Brighton Beach. I’ve just finished a session with a client further up the beach, but hey, since I’m here, why not do a mini-session to consolidate my glute-blasting session of the other day. I haven’t got a plan. My legs are still feeling the effects of Wednesday’s workouts combined with yesterday morning’s swim session followed by kickboxing (so much for taking a day off lol). I’m keeping to a gentle Walk 60 secs/Jog 60 secs with no intention of anything too strenuous. I refuse to be cajoled into ‘running’ before my knees are ready. But wait! Benches – there are plenty of benches. I’ll start from The Meeting Place Cafe and do some kind of resistance exercise on each one. Keep it up for half an hour or so and that’ll be plenty.

Change of plan … need a random number … ok, count to 10 then look up. The number of seagulls I spot will be my number. I count, I look up. Three it is, then. ‘Phew’, I’m thinking. I’ve decided I’m going to do some box jumps on each bench and now I know how many.

I round the corner, jog past The Meeting Place to the first bench. Whoa! Hold on a minute!! The Council have been busy. BUSY ADDING BENCHES TO THE BEACH! They’ve all got ‘messages’ on them … all the new ones, that is. The give me something to read at least … but hang on one bloody minute … HOW MANY???

Sixteen! NINE BRAND NEW BENCHES!  But, well, I made a plan and plans need to be followed. Sixteen benches it is, then x 3 box jumps on each. Sixteen on the way there … and sixteen on the way back. Yup. NINETY-SIX BOX JUMPS! Not bad for a day off, I guess.

But wait because the best is yet to come; a little piece of pure magic. I’m jogging back to my all-too-regular finishing point – Brighton’s Beach Hut Cafe . Grey sky, drizzle, windy, chilly … I can see that the cafe is closed – not much point opening on a day like this when you have no indoor area … but then … THEN … Oh Look!! In the middle of the terrace there is just one table set out, with one chair facing the sea, and on the table one steaming mug of tea … with the Beach Hut owner waving me towards it! How fantastic is that! I was so happy and I’m still grinning from ear to ear. Ah, the little things, the small gestures, the magical surprises that turn a grey day into something ever so special.

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