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Jinxed? Or just stupid?

Some runs simply don’t go to plan … but this one was in a bit of a class of its own. Was I jinxed? Or was this my own stupidity – coupled with a steep learning curve? Not a bad start to the day, all things considered. A gentle breeze spread a sharp chill and storm clouds lurked in the distance ready for attack, but all in all a typical mid-summer’s day … July in England. Not to worry, I wasn’t going to be out too long. A gentle 10k up the hill to the Downs and back down again. Minimal planning,...

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Never a dull moment

It just doesn’t let up, does it? This mother stuff … but it’s all good fun – most of the time. I’m currently dealing with career matters and it’s been challenging to say the least. I’ve got one who has gone from medicine to media in the space of a week, one who wants to be an actress, one tossing up between professional pianist and street dancer and one who is going to be a mermaid! Joy! On a different note, the Hyatt family has indeed been enlightened....

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