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Never a dull moment

It just doesn’t let up, does it? This mother stuff … but it’s all good fun – most of the time.

I’m currently dealing with career matters and it’s been challenging to say the least. I’ve got one who has gone from medicine to media in the space of a week, one who wants to be an actress, one tossing up between professional pianist and street dancer and one who is going to be a mermaid!


On a different note, the Hyatt family has indeed been enlightened. The wisdom of 11-year-olds has dictated that indeed Steinway pianos are ‘absolute rubbish’ (his words)! Who can argue with that? Apart from 99.9% of the population – but try telling that to a stubborn kid who’s just messed up his scales in an audition because the action of the Steinway is so different from his own piano!!!

And did you know that the Cutty Sark doesn’t sit on the Thames? Nope. Greenwich, I’ll have you know – looks over the Nile! ¬†Yes … don’t start me on education these days. I’ve been watching with some kind of horrid fascination as my primary school bunch have come home with various projects and bits of homework on Africa, India, WWII, WWI, various sporting celebrities and the occasional film star. All very interesting – but wouldn’t the country they’re living in be a good place to start? Give them a blank map of Europe and they can’t point to a single country and name it. Give them a map of Britain and ask them to fill in London and Glasgow – what a laugh! And as for Wales – is that a country or a city???????

I’ll stop there. Like I said – sore subject.

But at least I can rest easy that I won’t have to fork out thousands of pounds on a crappy old Steinway piano, eh?? LOL

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