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The Cotswold Way 100 Mile Run

It wasn’t really in my plan to bore anyone to tears with yet another ‘race report’ that’s only really of interest to the person writing it, but I suppose that since the Cotswold Way 100 Mile Run is/was my ultrarunning swansong I should write a few notes. Now, for anyone contemplating a 100-mile race this is not for you. Much as I would have loved to have raced 100 miles I never had the courage and most certainly never had the self-belief that it would ever happen, hence I opted to tick the 100-mile...

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High Peaks 40 Mile Challenge 2012

(Post-script: I’m laughing my head off as I realise I’m writing this tale of woes and troubles while beside my laptop is a copy of my current read: Scott Jurek’s Eat and Run … which puts everything into perspective! In short, the following ‘harrowing’ tale is, in reality, akin to having a tantrum because I had to run down the road for the bus! Here goes, though …) FINAL RESULT: My first ever medal 🙂  2nd place … wait for it …. SUPER VETS (isn’t...

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Poetic Ultra: Some Rhyme, No Reason

by Amanda Hyatt (12/7/2012)   You’ve got to be utterly nuts, you know, You’ve got to be utterly nuts, To choose to do an ultra-run, And claim that it’ll be hard but fun? You’ve got to be utterly nuts. You’ve got to be out of your mind, you know You’ve got to be out of your mind, To train for months, through rain or hail, And sun and snow, on road and trail, You’ve got to be out of your mind. There are those who’ve been locked up for less, you know, There are those who’ve been locked up for...

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London2Brighton 100km – My First Ultramarathon: The Story

12 MAY 2012 – LONDON TO BRIGHTON 100KM CHALLENGE – superbly organised by ACTION CHALLENGE Run – in my case – in aid of ROCKINGHORSE CHILDREN’S CHARITY   0355 hrs, Teddington Travelodge, London. Alarm goes off. Phone intentionally left on the other side of the room so I’ve got to get out of bed to hit ‘Snooze’! It’s a teeny bit early, but I need that nine-minute snooze time to re-group and start sorting my head without panic, stress or rush! Plenty of time for...

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For ref: Backpack and Drop bag contents

Note: This is for personal reference only!! God knows but the contents hereinafter will possibly shock and appal the seasoned ultra-runner. Let me re-emphasize the fact that I had NO idea what I was doing or what was in store. I’m keeping this and will add notes as and when I acquire useful (and knowledgeable) titbits of information from the pros. Having said that, it kind of worked for me so it can’t be too far out. ON MY BACK AT THE START LINE: OMM backpack … tried, tested and I love it! I use...

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