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For ref: Backpack and Drop bag contents

Note: This is for personal reference only!! God knows but the contents hereinafter will possibly shock and appal the seasoned ultra-runner. Let me re-emphasize the fact that I had NO idea what I was doing or what was in store. I’m keeping this and will add notes as and when I acquire useful (and knowledgeable) titbits of information from the pros. Having said that, it kind of worked for me so it can’t be too far out.


OMM backpack … tried, tested and I love it! I use a Camelbak on long cycles but found this heavy for running (all relative, I guess). The weight distribution of a Nathan 2-bottle race belt worked better for me.
GELS – about the heaviest item. 2 in my race belt and 4 in my backpack (Even this was too many – I didn’t use them before about 35km. Maybe I should have!)
Flapjacks – homemade and yummy. Heavy, though – in weight (all relative, of course). Two in backpack. Will have them for ‘lunch’.
Banana and packet of grapes (don’t know what kind of food will be available …)
Compeed – weighs nothing and just in case – rumour has it to treat immediately so don’t want to be waiting until I reach a subsequent rest stop.
Ibuprofen – don’t care what reason, but if a headache looms at the start line I really want to be able to get rid of it fast.
Money and a credit card (no coins – they weigh too much lol)
Route maps
Headphones (never wore them – the sounds of the wilderness were so much more appealing and there was no need to drown out the usual dulcid racket of bickering seagulls)
Hat/gloves/tee (there’s always hope it’ll be warm as well as sunny?)
Spare socks
Light waterproof jacket
Checkpoint checklists
*Initially, waterproofs were in here but switched them to 50km bag when the forecast was clear

50km bag

6 gels (too few? Too little? Who knows? Haven’t got the ‘gel’ thing sussed yet)
2nd running watch
Waterproofs – trousers, socks and gloves
Xtra running layer
Trail shoes
Spare socks

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