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‘Sno good!

Oh, it’s all very pretty when you live in a country that doesn’t come to a standstill at the sight of a snowflake, but this is completely ridiculous!!!!! But I’m not going to start on that now because I’ll just get all het up and flustered – again!!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch …

I can’t believe I’ve got a 16-year-old son! My God, where does time go? And that is SUCH an old-person sort of a thing to say that I’m truly embarrassed. It’s surely on a par with ‘We made very good time on the trip back from X’. Dear, oh dear. Next it’ll be Complan and Rich Tea biccies. Maybe I’m not looking forward to this year as much as I thought I was.

Nah! That’s a lie. Honestly, I have great hopes for this year and I plan to enjoy every minute – just as soon as this migraine goes away and I get my neck injury sorted out. What a wonderful way to start, eh? I wouldn’t mind so much but I have no idea what the hell I did to my neck – only that it’s causing me agony and a lot of sleepless nights (and you know it must be bad when I can’t get to sleep!). The migraine may or may not be linked, but I can deal with the migraine and I’m just kicking myself because it could have been avoided if I’d just made myself a few decent juices. I haven’t had a single migraine since I discovered the miracle of juicing – but then something called Christmas got in the way.

And speaking of Christmas – I had so much fun – all on my owney-ohs – one lovely morning right before the festivities began. I took part in Brighton’s Santa Dash – a 5k charity run along the seafront where EVERYBODY dresses as Santa. It was so much fun. Suits (one size fits all) were provided, complete with beards, belts, etc. etc. and everyone dashed, sauntered, sprinted, wandered or hobbled the whole 5k. Jollity abounded and it was quite spectacular to see the large red ‘blob’ of people dispersing at the end, too. Karim, Caitriona and Rebecca came down to cheer me on but on the way home I realised I’d lost my sun glasses (yes, the sun was shining – remember that? Sunshine?). I wandered back, still in Santa suit, to see if I could find them and yes, the organisers had picked them up for me. So all was going wonderfully. I sauntered along the seafront – the last of the runners by this time – when a young man approached me with a question and I simply couldn’t help being struck by a moment of sheer devilment …

“Excuse me,” he said. “Do you know anything about a charity Santa dash being run on the seafront today?”

Now, bear in mind, please, that I was still dressed none too discreetly in full Santa Claus costume – so, I mean, what could I possibly reply, only

“Sorry? A what? A Santa run? No. Sorry. Don’t know anything about it.” At which point I simply left him and carried on walking, chuckling away to myself. About a hundred yards further on, I turned back and sneaked a peak. He was still looking at me, poor chap. Marvellous.

Anyway, I just had to share that with you. I had such a giggle. And now, unfortunately, I have to dash off myself – partly because we’re going out to dinner and partly because I can’t remember the other story I was going to recount. (Phew, I hear you say?)

Never fear. I’ll be back! (Now where have I heard that before???)


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