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DAY FIVE of my journey second to nun…chuck

Loving it, loving it, loving it …

I have a new friends. Well, sort of. No, we’re not going to move in together and – actually, I think the pair of them are quite bossy and don’t do things quite the way I like things to be done – but we get along. We’ve grown to tolerate each other to some extent and that will do just fine. I’m working out a way to blackmail them into good behaviour during my next karate grading, whenever that might be. I’m not sure they’re liking the idea of blackmail – I’m going to have to work on this …

However, meanwhile …

TODAY’S HIGHLIGHT:  Caitriona kept me company and counted out my ‘strikes’ practice – all the way to the 500. After laughing her head off at my attempts at the kata (understandable? Yes; Acceptable? Hell, no!!! Not if she wants dinner tonight …) … I pulled out Sebastian’s foam nunchucks – and guess what? There is a person in the universe who is JUST AS BAD AS I AM!!! My day is made …


No matter how bad I am with nunchucks, there is someone in the world who is actually worse! Yay!

  • My nunchuck practise has turned into a calorie-burning exercise! Is this because I’m so bad at it? I’ve been working up a decent sweat by the end of the 500 strikes! I wonder is this oh so wrong???? Lol
  • My children think I’m nuts, my friends think I’m nuts, others are just wondering ‘What the hell is this nunchuck rubbish about?’ … Oh well … I guess you’ve just got to be me!
  • Giving up is not an option. A tiny step has been made – Woo Hoo!


(a)    Add on next section of kata

(b)   Keep going! Two more days and my personal nunchuck challenge is complete

(c)    Giving up is not an option! (Where have I heard that before? Oh yeah – I said it three sentences ago)

(d)   Anything is possible

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