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It’s here. Day SEVEN. End of my mini nunchuck experiment. Time for assessment …………..

Now – first of all, kindly note that this is a SELF-assessment! Unfortunately, this is the way it’s going to stay for now. I know, I know, but even after 3000+ attempts at improvement …. I’m ashamed to say my nunchuck skills are as yet unfit for public viewing! *cue sobbing*

But then again ………… please please PLEASE remember that when you DO see my horrendously insulting nunchucking (with apologies to anyone who has to watch!), I would ask you to think – at the very least – ‘Holy Crap! How bad was she when she started if that’s what she’s like now!!!!’

Many thanks.

But hey – can’t say it wasn’t fun. Will it be my preferred weapon? Erm…. Not convinced that I wouldn’t do better with a stiletto and a dangly earring – although the chances of me walking around with ANY of those on my person are roughly the same …

Summary of the week? I’ve laughed! I’ve said ‘Ouch’! (or something similar) I’ve been laughed at! I’ve sweated (it’s actually very hard work when you don’t know what you’re doing), my shoulders have ached, I’ve suffered impressive bruising (the source of much amusement …), and … and … AND …

  • I’ve learned something I never thought I’d learn (No, I don’t mean how to hurt myself, I mean nunchucking, silly!)
  • I’ve completed what I set out to do – 500+ strikes a day
  • I’ve (sort of kind of) learned my nunchuck kata. Well, I can just about put the moves together, although there’s still some discrepancy about how many swings and whether the front kick is at the same time as the forward strike or just before it (I’ve seen both …) …
  • I’ve (sort of kind of) learned my nunchuck kata! No, it’s not a misprint. I’m really a little proud that I’ve even managed to do something that vaguely resembles a nunchuck kata (or maybe it doesn’t, but keep that to yourself for a day or two, would you? Plenty of time to burst my teeny nunchucking bubble later …)
  • Has my mini-intensive training helped? (I’ll let you know if I ever get to grading. Hopefully I won’t make history by performing the worst, most ridiculous and genuinely insulting nunchuck kata ever witnessed!)

ENOUGH! The week is over, my task complete, my skills ………………………… remain non-existent.

So … in the words of wotzisname …

So long – and thanks for all the fish!

This nunchucker says OVER and OUT!

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