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Amanda’s Save-the-Day Flapjacks!

Makes:  ONE REALLY BIG ONE lol … Sort it out yourself afterwards!


300g butter

60g soft brown sugar (optional – according to taste: add more coconut or raisins instead … or sweeten with agave nectar)

50g dessicated coconut

50g ground almonds

50g raisins (optional)

100g chopped mixed nuts

125g self-raising flour (wholemeal or spelt)

175g porridge oats

Good handful of mixed seeds


Melt the butter. Chuck everything in – except the seeds. Use lightly sprayed baking sheet or pan liner (no greasing) in brownie tin. Flatten out. Sprinkle seeds over the top and lightly press into the mixture. Bake 20-25 minutes until turning golden around the edges. Cut to desired ‘sizes’ and leave to set in tray until cool.



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