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Some very basic vegan days …

Favourite breakfasts:

Porridge with blueberries, chopped nuts and pumpkin seeds

Smoothie: frozen berries, banana, homemade juice, topped with granola

Lemon and buckwheat pancakes


Favourite lunches:

Spicy Moroccan chickpea soup w/ soya and linseed bread

Watermelon, avocado and mixed beans and shoots salad with chilli flakes

Baked potato w/ homemade tofu-veggie burgers


Favourite dinners:

Homemade falafel with mixed roast veg

Nut roast w/ quinoa

Lentil and aubergine curry w/ brown rice


Favourite snacks/treats:

Homemade peanut flapjacks

Orange sponge cake (just kidding: this was HORRIBLE but highly entertaining!!)

Spelt crackers w/ vegan cheese (OMG the salt/sodium content of that cheese is frightening!)

Homemade coconut ice cream

Dairy-free chocolate (yum yum yum)

Trek/Cliff bars (for long runs)


soya, vegan

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