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Buying into church schooling …

So the topic this term is transport. I was very impressed with Rebecca’s efforts (9 years old). She did a powerpoint presentation all by herself – COMPLETELY unaided – about the Big Lemon Bus. She had a little bit of history and lots of photos of the ‘wedding bus’ and many other uses for the BLB. And there … right in the middle … is a picture of Jesus bearing the cross. The caption reads ‘Also good for the environment’.

Suppressing a huge desire to guffaw at the image of Jesus being an environmentally-friendly alternative mode of transport Рand ignoring the half dozen other possible  interpretations of said photo with caption, I stick with the simplest:
‘Erm …. why is there a picture of Jesus in your bus project, Rebecca?’
‘Because I thought I should put something religious in,’ she answered.
It was that simple. As always, extra brownie points are awarded for any link with religion. However, I DO think this link is slightly tenuous.

What can I say? Hmmmmm. Not sure she’s taking her church schooling very seriously – or buying into the religious element!! Very proud of her, really, for making up her own mind!
Good girl! Who am I to argue?

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