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12wbt – The Blog Hop Overture

OK, I have NO idea if this is going to work, but gotta try. In case there’s a miracle hanging around, it’s HELLO from me, Amanda a.k.a. Symphony and many thanks to Kate at for the idea, the organisation and the instructions!

I’m joining 12wbt from the UK. I’m in the 40-50 category and all too soon to be joining the Geriatric Category (September lol)! I’m a Personal Trainer, I specialise in outdoor group circuits and kickboxing. I’ve got 4 healthy and usually gorgeous kids (boy, do they have their moments)!!! I’ve joined this programme to encourage myself to think a little more about ‘me’! I spend so much time looking after everybody else and not really very much time at all on a less important me! Now it’s my turn. I’ve got some huge goals coming up and am battling a few injuries which could put paid to all of them but I’m hanging onto hope and today had a major breakthrough with my first 5 km run in 4 weeks, so I am totally stoked – and all just in time for Day 1, Week 1, Round 1. Please catch me on my blog, on FB, on the forums and regularly kick my ass into gear. No time for slacking and I’m relying on 12wbt-ers to get out the cattle prods! Huge, huge positive thoughts and motivational vibes being sent in the direction of all 12 wbt-ers! It’s going to be an amazing 12 weeks!! Let’s go for it! xxx

This is a Blog Hop!
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12wbt – The Blog Hop Overture

p.s. Sorry – NONE of the links work in wordpress. Grrrrrr. Don’t know how to fix this (can’t understand the instructions Doh!!) xx

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