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WWVD – Week One Round-Up

Day 2

Hello detox headache. No real complaints. Good to be off the chocolate diet!! Granola and fruit for breakfast. I need the fibre. I also need to watch my protein intake. There wasn’t too much of that yesterday. It was soup and bread again for lunch. That suits me fine. I love soup and the weather’s certainly conducive to hot lunch these days. Interestingly, mid-afternoon I was hungry but I was actually craving fruit. Hmmmm – usually it’s chocolate, cake or, well, anything sweet.

I’m already getting tired of green tea. I miss my cuppas! Dinner was fab – falafels and a salad of tomatoes, beans, lentils, pea shoots, rocket, grated carrot … protein definitely not lacking. It was delicious, too. I came across some vegan chocolate today and thought I’d feed my after-dinner habit with it. It was actually delicious but I ate too much. It was definitely a case of wanting it but not needing it. I was pleasantly surprised at the taste of soya milk but it does taste different in tea. I still miss my tea 

Day 3
Variety is the key. This morning I had porridge, made with soya milk of course. This soya milk ‘thing’ that I have going on is definitely psychological. I keep imagining it’s going to taste horrible, but it doesn’t. It really doesn’t. I loved my porridge. Yay.

I’m finding it really hard, though. I can tell this is not going to be sustainable for me for more than a couple of weeks. I love my dairy and meat and fish too much. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when I open the fridge in an effort to make lunch. I keep coming up with ideas, then have to re-check them against the WWVD rules and most of the time my ideas have to be binned. I can’t believe the amount of meat and dairy I eat. I’m fascinated by the effect the lack of these foods is going to have on my body, though – if any. I have to admit that during today’s 5k I was not exactly bursting with energy, but I’m willing to accept that this is probably more to do with my radical change of diet rather than anything to do with the ‘type’ of diet. Got to give my body at least a week to start getting accustomed to the new regime and, I suppose, time to reassess the fuel it’s getting and how it’s going to use it. I hope it works it out quickly.

Body’s adapted, mind adapted … this is GREAT! Loving the challenge. Used to the taste of soya milk now and not missing out on tea any more, though I’m worried that I am now actually craving green tea and find myself regularly taking this option rather than my usual PG Tips with milk!! It’s not so much a chore now, rather than an adventure. Erm … eating out has been a challenge. In London with Caitriona (well, Sidcup of all places) and ended up having beans and chips as I couldn’t find anything else lol Warwick University last Saturday was even worse … best I could do was a packet of crisps, for God’s sake!! Good job I’d chucked a banana and a Nak’d bar in my bag!

I’m finding it hard to get loads of variety, that’s my only real complaint. Variety that is practical, at least. I don’t have hours at lunchtime to cook so bread and soup it is! Miso soup with tofu is a new favourite. I never thought I’d ever type the word ‘tofu’ in a positive manner!!! Breakfasts are easy to vary. Dinner’s a bit limiting, too – but I’m going to work on that this week. Falafels and quinoa have been my saviours. Still struggling to keep protein levels up. I have now bought tofu and am going to venture in that world of the unknown (I’m not counting the miso soup stuff) this week. I think the tofu thing is psychological – a bit like soya milk – so I’m hoping I’ll end up enjoying it.

Summary? Rocky start to the week but well settled into the vegan thing now and my family have been great. They think it’s hilarious but are all going along with it and are only happy to shout ‘WWVD’ at me when they see me peering at a packet ingredients or into the fridge with a confused look on my face! It’s all good. I never thought I’d say that but it’s all good haha

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